Best Red Wine for Health: Feel 10 more Advantages by Drinking it Regularly

Hello, wine lovers? There is good news from the habit of drinking red wine. It gives some benefits to your health. However, you should know the best red wine to drink daily for health. Actually, it sounds strange if this beverage has a positive benefit for your body. Moreover, it includes a liquor which contains alcohol. Okay, let's find out the truth of this rumor. You indeed cannot take any red wine but choose the trusted brand with the finest quality. In fact, only the best red wine for health that you need.

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The Best Red Wine for Health in Men’s Body

Men have a higher intensity to drink liquor than women where they can drink it everywhere and every time. Indeed, there are many reasons for them to consume this alcohol. Occasionally, they drink it to dismiss their tired but sometimes they do it for the habit. All this time, this beverage is well-known with a bad effect on health. However, it is not entirely true. Primarily if you choose the best red wine for health and consume it according to advice.

What benefit will come to you from drinking the best red wine for health? You must never suppose that red wine is able to treat prostate cancer. It is because this beverage has a component that makes tumor cells more sensitive to care. By the way, Resveratrol is the name of a component found in grape skin and red wine. Besides being able to fight prostate cancer, Resveratrol is also able to prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes.

So, what are the best red wine brands that safe you drink every day? Here are 3 brands as the best red wine for the health of men’s body:

1. Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is a type of dry red wine where it dries the better for health. This is because dried red wine has less sugar. Cabernet is not only low in sugar but also has the highest level of flavonoids of all red grape varieties. Therefore, it deserves to belong to the best red wine for health.

2. Pinot Noir
Pinot noir has the taste of black cherry, cinnamon, mint, green tea, vanilla or skin. The percentage of healthy flavonoid content is right behind the cabernet.

3. Syrah
The third best red wine for health is Syrah where it includes an ancient liquor. Several countries that produce this beverage is France, Australia, South Africa, and the US. Apparently, this drink has a dry, heavy, and spicy taste. Syrah contains flavonoids that make the heart healthy the same as pinot noir.

Although those brands are the best red wine in the world, you keep not being able to drink carelessly. You have to consume it according to the rule and it is better you ask for your doctor first. Moreover, men and women have a different measure to drink. Men have a standard moderate intake of two drinks per day. One drink is 5 ounces or 44 ml and it is the standard measure women to drink one drink.

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Best Red Wine For Women’s Health

Seemly, many health experts do not recommend this liquor to women. However, that was an old statement. There are some brands coming as the best red wine for health in women’s body. For the women, choose the red wine which has high polyphenols. This also provides benefits in cardiovascular prevention, increased blood sugar, to prevent cancer.
In this page, you are going to know the best red wine for health especially women. There are two brands that you should know such as:

1. Madiran Wine
This beverage coming from the southwest of France contains high procyanidins polyphenols from Tannat wine. The essence inhibits blood clotting and inflammation, and relaxes and dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow.

2. Here Com the Sun
In this liquor, there are polyphenols anthocyanins. These polyphenols can multiply in humid weather and when the grape skin is exposed to ultraviolet light.
Perhaps, you are still able to find the best red wine for health and women next time. The most important thing does not consume exceed the size.

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In addition- Benefits of Drinking Red Wine (in General)

Well, let’s reveal the benefits of consuming the best red wine for health in general. It implies all people can feel the goodness of the liquor. Here are more than 10 benefits were some of them emerged above. Nonetheless, you will read it again with more detail explanation. Okay, let’s see below:

1. Prevent Cancers
The first benefits coming from the best red wine for health is to prevent cancers. As you know, red wine contains polyphenol compounds from the flavonoid group. Anthocyanin and resveratrol in red wine can protect body cells from DNA damage due to free radicals.

2. Reducing heart disease
Resveratrol compounds in red wine can reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition, this compound also prevents bad cholesterol from entering the blood vessels and forming plaques inside it.

3. Prevent and treat inflammation
Resveratrol also polyphenols can reduce and prevent inflammatory reactions that occur in the body. If you regularly consume red wine every day, the risk of experiencing inflammation is lower. In fact, it heals faster from the wound.

4. Increase body endurance
How can this intoxicating red wine increase immunity? In fact, it can prevent someone from infection. Apparently, it comes from antioxidant compounds in red wine. These compounds increase the number of white blood cells in the body. So that their immune system is better than those who do not consume them.

5. Best Red wine for health reduce high blood pressure
This is also quite surprising when red wine can overcome high blood pressure or hypertension problems. Apparently, the reason is red wine has a vasorelaxing effect or can reduce blood pressure in the body. This property is very effective if the patient consumes correctly.

6. Prevent Diabetes
To prevent type 2 diabetes, you can consume at least 250ml of red wine every day. Polyphenol compounds such as resveratrol, quercetin, catechins, and anthocyanins will significantly increase insulin sensitivity. besides, the compounds in red wine will reduce blood sugar levels in the body. Consuming red wine on a regular basis stimulates beta Langerhans cells in the pancreas to produce more insulin.

7. Prevent Alzheimer's disease
People who regularly consume red wine have a better memory. It is because antioxidant compounds in red wine also protect brain cells from damage. The active compounds in red wine can prevent brain damage due to Alzheimer's disease and dementia in the elderly.

8. Treating Ulcer Disease
Red wine contains antioxidant and antibacterial compounds that can treat ulcer disease or inflammation of the stomach. This drink can inhibit the growth of H. pylori bacteria while treating ulcer disease.

9. Prevent eye damage
Antioxidant polyphenols and other active compounds maintain the health of the eyes and eyes. In fact, it can protect the eyes from damage caused by free radicals. Consuming red wine also affects the risk of Age Macular Degeneration or eye damage. The best red wine for health also prevents a decrease in the function of vision due to aging.

10. Maintaining Heart Health
Besides being good for the human heart, red wine can also have a positive effect on the liver or liver. This is good for those over 50 years old. Then, they routinely consume 500ml of red wine per day. This benefit comes from antioxidant compounds that can protect liver cells from damage.

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One more thing, this benefit is very siding with women because red wine helps the body stay slim. The body will change resveratrol in red wine to piceatannol. This chemical compound can prevent the growth of fat cells in the body. In addition, these compounds bind with insulin receptors in the body and close the pathways for the growth of fat cells. That's why drinking red wine helps in keeping the body slim.

Remember that not all red wines are good for your health. Moreover, you consume it without pay attention to the regulation. The best red wine for health is the types which contain high resveratrol. Such as you read above, it is a chemical compound belongs to the non-flavonoid polyphenols. The benefits are to keep your body from serious illness threaten. Besides, the beverage must contain high anti-oxidant.

By the way, do you still want to know more about the best red wine brands for healthy goodness? Do not worry, this page still prepare some liquors for you below:

•    Merlot
Merlot comes with very little bitter taste. In addition, this drink has more than a soft and elegant style. You should know that Merlot is one of the healthiest wines and is good for beginners.

•    Rose
Rose is also one of the popular red wine brands even though there is less antioxidant content. This rose wine has a taste of grapes, melons, oranges, and several types of flowers.

•    Moscato Red Wine
This Moscato wine has very high sweet content but is very low in alcohol. One of the healthiest red wines is good for beginners. You can feel the taste like flowers and fruit in red wine best for this health.

Okay, those are some information about the best red wine for health. Certainly, you get a lot of knowledge today. Absolutely, everything is fine as long as it is still in the normal size. It belongs to consume liquor such as the red wine.

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